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[19 Mar 2007|08:52pm]
My Friend Michelle came down for St Patty's day so we went on a Toronto adventure! oh and a month ago it went from white blond to red and its faded into more of a brown with reddy tinge but I still like it so here are the pics :)
St Patty's Day!Collapse )
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[11 Oct 2006|08:14pm]
Okay another update! i should really keep this thing up! okay so Waterloo is amazing! I wish it was my school! OCAD is lame.. well right now it is. I'm taking courses I don't like, I only know one person and see her once a week and so I might switch schools next year.. MIGHT if OCAD doesn't get better. The OCAD party was fun though I'll admit. I yelled shocker at everything and now people know me as Shocker girl. lol its funny. SHOCKA'!! anyways so yeah my first month here was as lame as could be so hopefully things will start getting better. the only time I am really happy is when I am home in Trenton with my friends and fellow Land Pirates or in Waterloo with Hannah and Michelle and Tori <3 I'm going back this weekend for OCTOBERFEST! I'll take pictures and post them! Theres nothing really that I can write about because other then my weekend at Waterloo (which cannot be told to public! lol) nothing exciting has happened....... Theres a ball this weekend at the AGO a mask competition I wish I could stay but Waterloo is a callin' hmmmm York or Waterloo... its a tough decision.
Land Pirates for lyfe!
Lame car will always and forever be LAME
and if OCAD was a person he's be in Lame car!
peace out! heather<3
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Update From OCAD [21 Sep 2006|04:21pm]
[ mood | tired ]

Well at OCAD again... I had fun the other day with Jess and her friend Sarah. We went to much music and got on the MOD thing. We mad it fun Sarah said that guy VG whats his name looked like Keira Knightly and he heard and came over and was like "did you just say I look like Keira Knightly?" and Jess and me gave a shout out to the Land Pirates! and I said "SHOCKA' THE LAND PIRATES" so now the canadian nation probably thinks I'm a perv. and I haven't updated about my weekend!! last weekend I went back to trenton to visit Hannah and Briton and Steph and so on but the land Pirates were not complete so we kept Minh's and Jess's seats open. a few weekends ago we stole a goose (a fake one) and then the people replaced it as Jess found out with a giant wiplash they had chained it down so last weekend me and Briton got some chain cutters and went back with Hannah as the getaway driver and STOLE THE GOOSE! Leaving a note saying "WE GOT OUR GOOSE BITCH! sincerly the land pirates" it was hilarious to the extreme! to the EXTREME!I have alot of homework to do but all I really want to do is sleep and I have a class starting in like 40 minutes.
sooo sickly Steph gave me her cold. ew ew ew gross Steph's cold HA HA kidding but its still pretty gross. and I'm all aloney on my owny this weekend well starting tonight. its going to be creeeepy!

so tonigt I'm calling Jess then Hannah. I have so mcuh to dooo! AAAAAAAGH!

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[11 Sep 2006|11:09am]
So its been soooo long since my last update but so much/ not so much has happened.
a) I live in Barrie
b) currently looking for a place in or close to Toronto
c) I'm going to OCAD!! I'm sitting in the library right now!!
d) classes started last Wednesday and my first Monday class was today but my train into Union was an HOUR AND 20 MINUTES LATE!! seriously we were sitting outside of Union stuck on the GO train like 200 meters from the platform. it was stupid. so I missed my first class and sat outside the classroom until it finshed ten minutes later and joted notes about when the mid term is and whatnot.
e) I'm wearing my dork sweater
f) I took my first in school trip back to trenton. its sucked.
g) going back to trenton this weekend.

yeah supah fun summer!! I miss everyone so much already!!
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[22 Jun 2006|10:36am]
[ mood | energetic ]

well I'm DONE! High school is oficially over! I finish my very last exam today at like 9:30 and now its just Prom and Grad!! its scary to think this is all over! no more just coming home and sitting around no more mom buyig me stuff I need no more perants booking appointments for me or anything. I'll be on my own. because OCAD doesn't have residence so I'm getting an apartment with my Faja. but ever weekend he'll be back down in Trenton with the rest of my family. and I'll be coming home alot but not everyweekend and we'll be on different scheduals so I need to cook and do everything for myself! and second year I'm getting my own apartment in Toronto which means I'll have to pay bills and stuff! erlack! I'm bored just thinking about it.
I should really start keeping my lj active I am going to over the summer and what not since I have nothing to worry about. I'm going to change my availablity so I don't have alot of hours then I'll get a new job that doesn't invovle big macs or any other type of burger or fries or serving people food!
I'm going to make this summer super fun! beach trips! Warped Tour! CAMPING!! shows! everything I can think of! its our last summer all together because I know that i'm only keeping in contact with a few people. Like Hannah Steph Michelle Tori and I'm sure for awhile I'll hang out with everyone else but I have a feeling I'm not going to see anyone until the high school reunion!!
Today I dropped the title of imature highschool girl now I'm an imature university girl! and in a few months I'll legally be an adult but in my head I'll still be like 6 HA HA HA yeah and Jessica is coming down tomorrow!! I can't go pick her up since I work from 5-10 tomorrow! but I'll see her saturday after I'm done working AGAIN 11-4 then we'll hang all night then I have to work AGAIN on sunday 12-6 (and I think I'll come down with something that day *cough cough* I'll have scurvey or something)then Prom is on monday and I'll have lots of pictures!! i still need to buy that stupid braclet to get into Kayla's prom partay! I'm sure its going to be a blast!
anyways I have to go drop a pointing off at school again! so maybe I'll update again tomorrow depending on how exciting my day is... which is won't be! BOOO!

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[29 May 2006|10:04am]
HA HA HA HA Elijah is so pathetic in this but I still love him!!
I wish he'd hurry up and ask me to prom.
He almost cries in this and soo pathetic.
He's still cute though!!

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[28 May 2006|05:48pm]
LiveJournal Haiku!
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was like thats not so bad but
yesterday i had
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[27 May 2006|03:35pm]
well here is my weekend with the Brownies of Kingston:
we got to the camping place and we got to stay in this big cabin thinger and the girls started arriving and I helped them make name tags. and by the end of the hour I was cover in glitter from head to toe. so then me and Jen set up our room and go out to where all the brownies are gathering in the main room and my little cousin Sarah and her two friends Ava and Hanna are giggleing and looking at me and poking Ava saying 'go ask her!!'and so Sarah comes up to me and is like "Heather come with us we have something to show you" and they lead me upstairs to their bunk room and point to the wall where it says 'Heather likes Dan' and they started giggling some more and I was like "nope girls that wasn't me" and they were like "well maybe Dan came in here and wrote it" and I said "I don't know any Dan's" "well maybe he saw you and liked you and wrote it here" and I was just like "uhhh... yeah maybe lets get back downstairs" and then we headed outside for our first craft. then they went on a hike while me and Jen cleaned up. then twas dinner. spagetti. gross. we had a campfire with songs and stuff and for awhile two other groups where with us but they left. and so we roasted marshmellows (some kids ate 10 frickin' marshmellows!!) and we sang songs and what not until the bed time craft where they made wishing stars and wrote their wishes in the middle and one girl was soooo cute! was like like "I WISH I WAS SPONGEBOB'S GIRLFRIEND!!" and I was like "that is the best wish ever" but the other girls laughed at her so she changed her wish and it made me sad. So after we put them in their beds (which they didn't stay in) the rest of the leaders sat around playing cards and taking about everything. old people (meaning the leaders who were in their 30-60s)and then one woman got up went into the kitchen and screamed and ran out. there was a mouse in the kitchen. it was funny and I had alot of fun I want to become a camp counseller!!! anyways I have to go oh and I got a camping badge!! go me!
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[21 May 2006|09:23pm]
Friggin' best party weekend ever!!

sleepy time now!
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[18 May 2006|10:19am]
well I haven't been on for awhile but that isn't my fault this time. twas my mother and her controlingness.
okay heres my rant
I really really hate working at Macdonalds I didn't even want to apply there and my mom forced me to last june. and when I handed in my resume and I got an interview on the spot I was completely bummed. well I got the job and I had an orientation date set up. like a week after my mom told me that two days after being accepted to Macdonalds some guy from Parks Canada called to offer me and interview to work for them PARK FRICKIN CANADA and my mom turned it down for me because she I had gotten an all year round job at Macdonalds I mean MY FRICKIN DREAM JOB!! working in a park!! but of course I had to do what mom wanted me too. I'm still bitter about that especially when I was working on the 401 all summer while I could have been outdoors working at a park. I think it was like near a river. but the past few months I've even though I hate macdonalds I've been settling working at the walmart macdonalds and haven't minded it especially when I heard that they wouldn't be sending people out the the 401 anymore. Then they sent my sister afew weeks ago and I started to get worried. so guess who's working on the fucking 401 again victoria day? me 6:30 AM until 3pm. Its pretty much hell and no body understands how unbelevaibly horrible it is. They don't have to work there they don't know the kind of hell it is. All the customers do is bitch and complain and be rude to you and one little mistake like forgetting one fry will make them blow up at you "YOU ARE MISSING A FRY I PAID FOR 4 MEALS!" well you know its such a BIG freakin' deal for me to take like a 5 second walk to the fry station and get your stupid missing fry and then you give it to them and hope they choke on them. Its not just the customers even though they are the worst part. The managers are so dumb and mean and I've worked 8 hours with only one break because even though I asked continually for my second break they were all "just alittle while longer" then I never get it and they keep track of it by paper so every time I don't get my break they still take my pay off for the 20 minutes I never freakin' got to sit down and eat a snack or just get away from horrible customers. I can't take another summer of the 401 I'm finding a new job fast. infact I'm printing off resume's as I write. Then when I get a job I'm not even going to put in for my two weeks. I am SOOOO out of there. Sure I had like one fun night of working but that doesn't make up for the months of miserable hours I've done. serisously every time I go to work I feel like I'm wasting my life. and sure I like Andrew but he's done college he's going on to a real job and in a few weeks he'll be gone too. I was forced to put my resume into macdonalds the LAST place on earth I'd ever want to work and I wind up working there. well I'm done bitching about working there and I'm sure my friends of hearing every single day "I hate macdonalds" so I need to find a new job before I go insane or hang myself with the mcflurry cord.
work schudual for my weekend of which actually turns out ISN'T a weekend off its a long weekend that macdonalds has decided since I'm not in school I can come and wokr for them because you know I have no life!! I don't have to have one day to hang out with my freinds NO! I have to come serve food to ugly, smelly, fat, rude, and bitchy customers ALL FRIGGIN WEEKEND.
okay I'm done. I hope everyone else has a great long weekend.
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[09 May 2006|09:15pm]
I got my aqua dress!! YAY! it should be in, in a week!! *goes down the disco*

well anyways onto today I was timing a track meet, which was boring except the parts with Steven. He's hilarious to the third degree!! I don't know if that made sense but I think you all get it. He made a musical using the (don't ask why he had these)lego people he packed in his backpack. It was about wierd and not so approapriate stuff and it lasted about 6 minutes and included a police man and his singing police car, a homless man with no legs, and a husband and wife that split up in the end because the husband sleeps with the police man and the wife runs off with the homeless man with no legs. it was very funny. most people looked at him wierd but he is probably used to that since at the last track meet he pulled his pants up as far as they'd go and stretch infront of people trying to pass by. One girl walked past twice.
Yes other then Steven's quirky moments I was left to fend for myself. I didn't pack a lunch and the track meet didn't end until almost 7. so I was very hungry when I came home.
I have very little to update about. I think I'll bring my camera tomorrow...

well thats about it for now
ew I'm working tomorrow! I wonder if Andrew is working...
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[05 May 2006|04:24pm]
okay I caved and got a real prom dress.
I was going to get a unique cocktail dress and I had what I was looking for in my head sort of.
But after 2 hours of looking around with my grandma trying on nice dresses I went into this one store and my grandma was making me try on lets just say.. not so flattering dresses.
Then the sales lady came and saved me after my grandma put my in this blue silver threaded old lady going to a tea party number.
She picked out a dress it was nice but was a bit skanky.. it showed alot of clevage and then all the store ladyies where like "my god I wish I had those boobs!!" and I was like "akwaaaaaard" but it was cute other then the clevage thing. Then she put me in this really really cute blue satin dress mid length with some beading up the front and I loved it but then the sales lady went to the front window and brought back this aqua blue floor length dress and in my head I was like waaaay to poffy and waaayy to formal for what my idea for a dress was.
but I tried it on anyways and it fit my every wear but in the chestal area but I got it done up and I went in looked at myself in the mirror and seriously I fell in love with it. and once I had it on it really wasn't that poffy. and all the sales ladies where cooing over me and they were all "you look soo stunning" "it looks amazind on her" and so the sales lady was like you can look sweet *points to light blue satin dress* or smashing!! *points to aqua floor length dress*" and what did I choose? smashing of course mwahahahahahahaha
so once they order in the right size for my chestalness I'll have one less prom thing to worry about.
and judging by the price I highly doubt anyone will buy the smaller size and also I don't think anyone from trenton would go to the shop for their dress. ooohhh I'm so excited my dress fate is waiting on a phone call saying if they have the aqua dress in my size and if not I'm going for the blue satin one. either way I'll be happy. but *prays for aqua dress*
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[04 May 2006|07:08am]
Andrew did work last night! and he said he liked my hair!!!!yeah I'm pathetic... AND we bumped hands! twas an exciting three hours I made him laugh alot. ugh why am I so pathetic? stupid Heather. aaaaaanyways Toronto today!! I'm bringing my camera but now I have to find something to wear....
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[03 May 2006|03:26pm]
hi everybody! going to T-dot tomorrow to not not sneak off with Hannah and met up with Jessica. mwahahahaha we only have two check ins so we are going to shop in Kensington Market and stuff. Steph is off to New Jersey today to see a whole wack load of good bands and we won't see her for four days! crap I should get ready for work....boo work... I wonder if Andrew is working... I'm going to go do my hair.
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[30 Apr 2006|02:48pm]
well Megan gave a pretty good description of what happened on our.....memorable trip to Canada's wonderland.
the van broke down outside of Brighton
Megan came to drive us
she couldn't get in because you had to pre-order the tickets
then they let her in
and we got stuck on the Bat. it wouldn't let us out of the restraints so we were stuck on the roller coaster for 20 minutes me and Michelle amused ourselves by saying stupid things trying to get out in akward ways and poked Tori and Courtney with our feet. then we got off and decided to wait for the ride anyways so while they were fixing it me and Michelle had a fake fist fight then got back on and then the guy in the suit that came to "fix" the ride (he just stood around) stepped on Tori's sunglasses and Me Michelle tori courtney Hannah and Megan couldn't stop laughing and me and Michelle laughed the whole ride.
was forced to go onto the drop zone even though I had to go pee sooooo bad so I made an angry face for the whole ride.
then at 8 Megan wanted to go but thats when everyone was leaving so you could just run around and get on rides and we got off the vortex and me and Michelle ran off to the fly even though she wanted to leave then we went to the thunderrun which was on its last run and the lady was like 'you can hop on with some one else who has an empty seat' and I got to sit next to a cute boy oooooeeeer he worked there and we talked and stuff and Tori was like "I had to sit next to a smelly guy!" twas funny.
it was hard getting there but all in all it was a good trip.
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[25 Apr 2006|08:31pm]
Went to on the Toronto Hamlet trip it was so fun! Me and Hannah and Sarah and Steven got up to do the first scene in Hamlet Diva style! we strutted we posed we snapped our fingers all like "oh no you di'int" I thought it was funny. Hamlet was hot stuff too. Mrs. Hucul handed out a thinger to write commments about the show but it never got to me and Hannah who came up with the best comments ever! Hannah's was "Stay good looking Adam" and mine was "Adam needs tighter pants *wink wink*" booooo we wanted him to get those comments. And Steven kept us amused the whole time. "Arby's is gross" "no it isn't I like Arby's" "ew! would you go into a store and ask to buy some crap?" HA HA I guess you had to be there. and he tried to scare people driving by clawing at the bust window making wierd noises. but no one saw and it only scared us. Random photo time!
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[23 Apr 2006|10:50pm]
(random pictures)Collapse )
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[21 Apr 2006|11:20pm]
well I'm back after the computer being out of my grasp for acoupl of days. what has happened.. random trips to the beach working I have a car for 5 weeks. Hannah's Birthday next weekend! I think I should do a picte update not now once I find my USB port and Steph send me some beach pictures! anyways I'm bored and hungry. later!
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[16 Apr 2006|03:38pm]
I asked this queston as I was eating some easter candy this morning. Its kinda wierd but whatever, how is the death of Jebus associated with rabbits and chocolate eggs? well I got the rabbit and egg part but not the chocolate part. the rabbit and egg represent fertility and rebirth. so i dunno just incase anyone was wondering. oh and I have a proposition for any one who wants to go camping this summer or camping for an after party thing. There are two campsites perfect for privacy, and partying. they are in a secluded area all the campsites are fairly far apart. There is a road and a hill you can put your tents up top or down below and on one side across the road it showers and flushable toilets and the other sied is a private beach and river. Its at the sandbanks so it isn't that far of a drive. seriously the best campsites right near a public beach well like a 5-10 minute walk. I'm going to find out who all wants to do this! it would be so awesome!
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[12 Apr 2006|10:20am]
I'm at home for my spare again. I should work on my essay... it is due tomorrow... meh I'll get to it. I'm so bored these past couple of days. I dunno yesterday was swell. we went to the carwash at lunch and then after was the blood donor clinic but that wasn't fun but then I went to Hannah's and that was fun. but other then that its been like the most boing life ever! meh I'll find something to do soon. I'm still grounded and so all I have to look forward to this weekend. correct that. this looooong weekend is to work. oh yeah and a family dinner. bah thats it. booooo. well I'm off to find something to do. until I have to go back to school (BOOOO) well it won't be so bad because its just art and art but in drawing and painting we are doing cubism paintings and I hate cubisim!! but then theres printmaking which is fun I remembered my design this time!
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