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Went to on the Toronto Hamlet trip it was so fun! Me and Hannah and Sarah and Steven got up to do the first scene in Hamlet Diva style! we strutted we posed we snapped our fingers all like "oh no you di'int" I thought it was funny. Hamlet was hot stuff too. Mrs. Hucul handed out a thinger to write commments about the show but it never got to me and Hannah who came up with the best comments ever! Hannah's was "Stay good looking Adam" and mine was "Adam needs tighter pants *wink wink*" booooo we wanted him to get those comments. And Steven kept us amused the whole time. "Arby's is gross" "no it isn't I like Arby's" "ew! would you go into a store and ask to buy some crap?" HA HA I guess you had to be there. and he tried to scare people driving by clawing at the bust window making wierd noises. but no one saw and it only scared us. Random photo time!

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Ali and me awwww!

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New hair

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I need a new myspace picture but I don't know so I took random pictures of myself.
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