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Update From OCAD

Well at OCAD again... I had fun the other day with Jess and her friend Sarah. We went to much music and got on the MOD thing. We mad it fun Sarah said that guy VG whats his name looked like Keira Knightly and he heard and came over and was like "did you just say I look like Keira Knightly?" and Jess and me gave a shout out to the Land Pirates! and I said "SHOCKA' THE LAND PIRATES" so now the canadian nation probably thinks I'm a perv. and I haven't updated about my weekend!! last weekend I went back to trenton to visit Hannah and Briton and Steph and so on but the land Pirates were not complete so we kept Minh's and Jess's seats open. a few weekends ago we stole a goose (a fake one) and then the people replaced it as Jess found out with a giant wiplash they had chained it down so last weekend me and Briton got some chain cutters and went back with Hannah as the getaway driver and STOLE THE GOOSE! Leaving a note saying "WE GOT OUR GOOSE BITCH! sincerly the land pirates" it was hilarious to the extreme! to the EXTREME!I have alot of homework to do but all I really want to do is sleep and I have a class starting in like 40 minutes.
sooo sickly Steph gave me her cold. ew ew ew gross Steph's cold HA HA kidding but its still pretty gross. and I'm all aloney on my owny this weekend well starting tonight. its going to be creeeepy!

so tonigt I'm calling Jess then Hannah. I have so mcuh to dooo! AAAAAAAGH!
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