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I think winning is losing and losing is winning!


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20 August 1988
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hmmm what to say about me.... My name is Heather for starters... my nick names include Heathy, Heether, and Georgie. I am 18 and am currently in my first year at the Ontario College of Art and Design in Toronto. Right now I'm studying in the Faculty of Fine Arts for painting and Drawing and if I don't decide to change school next year I'll be switching to printmaking. Someday I'll own my own T-shirt line. it will be amazing! anyways so yeah my family consists of a Mother (Tia) Faja (Colin) two sisters (Jen and Ali) and a dog (Elvis). I'd say we're pretty normal actually I dunno... I know that I'm pretty wierd.. anyways so yeah my Friends ooooh I love my friends I have the Land Pirates: Hannah, Jessica, Minh, and Briton. and the Lame Cars!: Tori, Evan, Jackie, Colin, Steph (Colin and Steph are not lame cars by choice) and also none land Pirate and lame car is Michelle<3. I love them all but sorry to say guys Hannah is my bestest pal, and doppleganger! She is only a 2 hour bus ride away in Waterloo! Michelle and Tori go there too! hmm I am currently single living alone in Toronto and lacking in Toronto friends and school enjoyment..... hopefully things start looking up. I'm a girl of simple pleasures Futurama, Veronica Mars, Jerry Springer (its all class with this girl lol), Kung Pow, Lord of The Rings, Kraft Dinner,dancing, yelling "LUCIFER LOVES THE SHOCKER!", clothes, shoes, friends, and family make me happy. oh and whatsits... looks and whatever... I'm blonde well I was dirty blonde but I dye my hair really really blonde, my eyes are grey but sometimes in pictures they look like super light blue or green. I am maybe 5'4 its abit short... body type.. I dunno everyone tells me its like maralyn monroe... oh I also (this is probably wierd) but I have a pet cactus.. yes a pet I've named him Gary. Its the only plant that has survived lol I am not a gardner type person.... and I also can't cook so I guess I'm partly vegetarian because I only eat meat when someone cooks it for me... I dunno if you can consider that vegetarian.. oh music! I love Indie Rock, Electronic, and Alternative and some hardcore.... thats about it.. LAND PIRATES FOR LYFE!

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